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Vittorio Marchesi

Double Collar Shirts

What a double collar shirt is

Double collar shirts are the most iconic model of our collection. Our stylist delighted, with foresight, in combining the most varied details with bright colors and a slim fit cut. The result is a very fancy, stylish and comfortable piece of clothing; however, it has kept the elegance and the refinement of the italian tradition.

How double collar shirts are made

The collar is the most important part of shirts, that’s why our stylist began to redisign it; the first step was to increase the height to make it more showy; then he placed a second collar, adding one or more buttons on its sides as multiple button down. He continued to enjoy his creative process adding fancy details, as colorful inserts and pipings inside and outside the collar; he did the same for cuffs and for the frontal pleat; finally he added a lot of colorful buttonholes and stichings.

Versatile shirts

Double collar shirts are a very versatile piece of clothing. They can be dressed in free time for a very casual look with jeans and sportive jackets. These shirts suit very well for night events; dinners, parties or where everyone wishes to be the center of attention. Moreover, thanks to the appropriated and delicated colours matching, they can give you a sharp and elegant look also in the workplace during informal meetings.