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Vittorio Marchesi

Terms Of Sales

Vittorio Marchesi Brand Diffusion SA (“Vittorio Marchesi”), with registered office in Via Volta, 2 6830 Chiasso (Switzerland), is full and unencumbered proprietor of the website.

Acceptance of the general terms and conditions

1. The agreement entered into by and between Vittorio Marchesi and the Client shall be considered as concluded with the acceptance, even if partial, of the order by Vittorio Marchesi. The acceptanceis deemed to be implicitly given save as otherwise communicated in a whatsoever manner to the Client. By ordering through the various procedures provided, the Client acknowledges to have carefully examined the whole information provided during the purchase procedure, and to accept in full the general terms and conditions and the conditions of payment as set forth hereafter.
2. If the Client is a consumer, once the online purchase is closed, he shall printor otherwise save an electronic copy of the procedure, and, at any rate, keep a copy of these general terms and conditions.
3. Any right of the Client regarding compensation for damages or refund claims shall be excluded, including any contractual or extra contractualliability for immediate or not immediate damagesto persons and/or objects, caused by the non-acceptance, even if partial, of an order.

Purchase procedures

4. The Client can only purchase the products which can be found in the Vittorio Marchesi electronic catalogue as at the time of forward of the order and which can be seen online at (URL), as described in the respective information cards. It is understood that the picture which comes with the description card ofeach product can be notfully correspondent with its features, but can differ in the colour, the sizes, the additional products which can be found in the picture.
5. The correct receipt of the order is confirmed by Vittorio Marchesi by e-mail. The e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address given by the Client. The confirmation message will bear the date and hour of execution of the order and a “Client reference number”, which can be used for further communication with Vittorio Marchesi. The message will report all the data indicated by the Client, who shall check their correctness and give notice in good time of any amendments, in compliance with the procedure described in this document.
6. In case of non-acceptance of the order, Vittorio Marchesi guarantees to give notice in good time to the Client.

Payment procedure

7. Credit card
In case of purchase of the products by credit card, the very moment the online transaction is closed, the reference bank will authorize the charge of the final amount related to the goods to be applied to the Client’s credit card.
7.1 In case of cancellation ofthe order, both from the Client and in case of its non-acceptance by Vittorio Marchesi, Vittorio Marchesi will proceed to the cancellation of the transaction and to the release of the amount committed by the Client. The releasetime for some kinds of credit cards depends only on the banking system, and can be delayed until their natural expiry date (24th day from the authorization date). Once the transaction has been cancelled, in no case may Vittorio Marchesi be held responsible for direct or indirect incidental damages caused by the delay in the default ofthe release of the amount committed by the banking system.
7.2 Vittorio Marchesi reserves the right to require the Client to send a copy of the documents proving the legal ownership of the card which has been used. In case of failure to provide the required documents, Vittorio Marchesi reserves the right to refuse the order.
7.3 At no time of the purchase procedure Vittorio Marchesi is able to know the information concerning the purchaser’s credit card, which are immediately passed on through secured connection to the service provider that manages the transaction. No Vittorio Marchesi electronic file pertaining to such data will be saved. Therefore, in no case can Vittorio Marchesi be held responsible for any incidental fraudulent and illicit use of credit cards by a third party upon payment of products purchased on

Right of withdrawal

8. To ensure compliance with the provisions of European Consumer Right Directive 2011/83/UE, if the Client is a consumer (i.e. a natural person, so with the exclusion of purchases made on behalf of a company, or any purchase made specifying in the order form a VAT number) has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for whatsoever reason, with no need to provide justifications for it and with no penalties, apart from what specified at the following points 10 and 11.
9. In order to exercise such a right, the Client will have to inform Vittorio Marchesi within 14 working days from the date of the receipt of the goods. Once received the aforesaid communication of withdrawal, the Vittorio Marchesi Customer Care Service will promptly arrange for the goods return procedures to be communicated to the Client.
The returned goods shall reach Vittorio Marchesi within 10 days from the authorisation.
10. The integrity of the goods is the essential condition to exercise the right of withdrawal by the Client. So, if the returned goods are damaged, deteriorated and/or dirty, there will be no refund. 
11. Personalized shirts (the ones made for a single customer not listed on the website) can’t be refunded. 
12. The shipping cost of the returned goods has to be paid by the customer.


13. The personal data requested at the ordering stage are collected and handled in order to meet the explicit Customer’s requirements and in no case and for no reason will they be transmitted to third parties.
Vittorio Marchesi guarantees to its customers the observance of the regulations regarding the personal data processing.