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Vittorio Marchesi

High Collar Shirts

Why we love high collar shirts

The collar is the most important part of the shirt, because it characterizes the man’s look, giving him personality and elegance.

We haven’t considered only the style but also the quality: inside all our collars there are very resistant inserts, which make them durable and strong. You will be surprised how long our high collar shirts last without getting ruined.

French Collar

French collar is the most popular choice because is very versatile and it can look elegant or casual, according to the circumstance. You can wear high French collar shirts with a tie for formal occasions, such as ceremonies or business meetings, but also unfastened for your free time. Our French collar has a small pocket where is hidden a removable angle plastic stay which doesn’t let the collar bending.

Remember to remove these two angle stays before washing your Vittorio Marchesi shirt, and insert them again after ironing!

Button down collar

We changed the look of the button down collar: we put a lot of effort into redesigning it. First of all our stylist increased its height, and then he played with colors, inserts, pipings, and trims to make it showy and recognizable.

High collar shirts made in button down have become a unique piece of clothing perfect for your free time. All your friends will be surprised to see such an exclusive style!