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Vittorio Marchesi


Oxford Cotton

Oxford cotton is one of the most popular fabric for shirts for its versatility. It’s a slightly thick fabric, but good for all the seasons, which makes it durable and naturally resistant to wrinkles. It’s an opaque fabric with a very small honeycomb workmanship. Very soft at the touch, Oxford is always a good choice for casual looks; moreover it suits very well also with elegant suits for important occasions such as ceremony or formal meetings.

Twill Cotton

Twill cotton is a slightly tough fabric that suits good for elegant shirts because doesn’t crease easily. There are many kind of Twill cotton; we opted to use a medium weight good for all the seasons. Twill cotton is a shiny fabric that can be distinguish from its very small diagonal waves on its surface. As mentioned before, this fabric is suitable for elegant occasions; our stylist chose to use it also for Marchesi Line shits; matching the charateristic of the fabric with fancy details, such as double collar, we were able to make a unique shirt, elegant and fashion at the same time.

Egyptian Yarn Cotton

Egyptian yarn cotton is our richest and thickest fabric; it’s durable, very resistant to the creases and soft at the touch. You can easily distinguish it from other fabrics for having big honeycomb workmanship on its surface. We suggest to choose Egyptian yarn cotton for formal occasion or anytime elegance is required.

Poplin Cotton

Poplin cotton is an excellent fabric for shirts. It appears as a plain and opaque fabric, but actually it has very small horizontal weave on its surface. It is fresh and comfortable, suitable for all the season. We chose to use Poplin for our striped shirts, the most versatile piece of clothing of our collection; Poplin shirts are a great choice with short pants for a very sportive look, but also with suit and tie to be elegant and casual at the same time.


Linen is a fresh, breathable fabric, the ideal choice for the hot season. It appears as crispy in the beginning, but it becomes soft and comfortable in a very quickly.
Good quality linen shirts are durable and they can look like new for a long time. Last but not least, linen is completely natural and sustainable.