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Vittorio Marchesi

About Us

Who we are

Vittorio Marchesi is an italian shirtmaker based in Milan. We produce only in our dedicated factory, where experienced seamstresses operate with care on hand-worked sewing machines. Thanks to them we are able to keep high standard of quality in every single step of the process.

Our stronghold is Made in Italy. We still believe that people influence the products. Italian manufacture is well known all around the world for its high standard of care, love for details and passion for the quality. This historical background makes every products special.

Craftmanship and fabrics

Fabrics are choosen very carefully. We want only double twisted fabrics produced by italian companies to give our customers a comfortable shirt which makes him look sharp and feel comfortable.

We cut fabrics from high quality double twisted cottons rolls chosen among the best italian cotton mills; then we brought the separated pieces together to create the final design. After attaching cuffs and collar accurately, in the end we sewed all the buttons carefully to ensure they never loosen with wear. With this effort we guarantee to give our customers a comfortable expierence everytime one of our italian shirts is dressed.

The double collar shirts

In the ’90s a milanese craftsman decided to change the standard look of italian shirts. He delighted, with foresight, in combining the most varied details with bright colors and a slim fit cut. The result is a very fancy, stylish and comfortable piece of clothing; however, it has kept the elegance and the refinement tipical of the italian tradition.

Double collar shirts are suitable for free time and also for casual business meeting; this is the right choice every time a man would like to look different and elegant.

The high collar shirts

The collar is the most important part of the shirt. For this reason, we put a lot of effort into redesigning it.

First of all our stylist increased the height of the neck then he played with colors, inserts, pipings, and trims to make it showy and recognizable. We also strengthen it using resistant materials, which make the collar strong and durable.

Also without a tie our collars stand up and never fold; our shirts will make you always sharp and tidy.